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  • Letterpress Metal Type 110 point Globe Gothic Numbers

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    This item consists of 10 pieces of vintage letterpress metal type 110 point Globe Gothic numbers 1,2,3,5,6,8,9 and 0 (no 4 or 7); a dollar sign; and a period.   The shoulder measures about 1.75" high (with the numbers at 1.3125") and the shank is 0.875" thick.  Face width varies from 0.3125" (for the period) to 0.9375" (for the larger numbers).  Number widths vary from 0.5" (number 1) to 0.9375" (number 9).  They have a center groove on back, a nick under the base, and two 0.4375" holes drilled nearly through on the side, which helps reduce the weight.  All of the type has been used but is in very good condition with no signs of damage nor significant wear.  These Letterpress metal type 110 point Globe Gothic numbers are ideal for printing, art projects, or decoration.  (Due to weight, the type will be shipped by flat rate priority mail ($7.15) inside the United States.  If you are purchasing multiple items, I recommend ordering the type separately as it will be shipped alone.  For foreign shipping costs, please contact Uncanny Artist before placing your order.)