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  • Metal Crucifix with Robed Christ

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    This Metal Crucifix with Robed Christ measures 3" high by 2.5625" wide by 0.3125" deep (at the head).  Christ has been sculpted in a style reminiscent of figures in German Expressionist prints (a large head, a triangular face with abstracted features and prominent hands and feet). His feet are not crossed and there are no signs of nails in either His hands or feet.  He is dressed in a monk-like robe with a tie belt.  From the side, His body is flattened against the cross, while His tilted head is more three-dimensional.  The metal weighs 2.2 ounces and may be pewter with a deep matte gray surface and highlighted areas on the face, hands, feet and robe.  This piece has not been polished.  The unmarked cross has a slightly irregular shape with an arched opening at the top.  Maker, country of origin, and age are unknown.  This Metal Crucifix with Robed Christ is in very good condition with no signs of wear or damage.