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  • 1912 Lucy Fitch Perkins Illustrations from The Riverside Fourth Reader

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    These charming black and white illustrations by Lucy Fitch Perkins come from the 1912 edition of James H. Van Sickle and Frances Jenkins' The Riverside Fourth Reader.  They show a sailor requesting a star from the mythic constellations; a housekeeper giving a young boy an order; a camel speaking to an Arab man with a hookah; a rabbit in the snow; children dancing in the snow; a king with a falcon on his arm; a medieval king on his throne, surrounded by children and knights; a child hiding underground; a child speaking to an elf at the hearth; and three sisters, peeking in at their father in his study.  Each page measures 7.5" by 5.5" and has been printed on matte off-white paper.  All are in very good condition with very slight yellowing to the paper.