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  • 1922 Set of Insect Prints

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    This set of seven color prints of insects was taken from the 1922 edition of Trees as Good Citizens by Charles Lathrop Pack.  The illustrations were originally created by L. H. Joutel between 1900 and 1905.  Each print depicts insects (in a variety of their forms) who create destruction to trees.  These include: Fall Web Worm and Spiny Elm Caterpillar; Elm Leaf Beetle and Bag or Basket Worm; White Marked Tussock Moth and Forest Tent Caterpillar; Maple Borers and Cottony Maple Scale; Maple and Other Scale Insects; Oak Insects; and Aphids or Plant Lice.  Each print measures 9" high by 6" wide and is accompanied by a velum page with numbered descriptions.  In very good condition.