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  • Horsman EIH 1911 Boy Doll Head

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    This Horsman EIH 1911 Boy Doll Head is from a 10" doll in their "Can't Break Em" series.  The heavy duty composition used to make the head is similar to that used in mannequins at the beginning of the twentieth century.  The head measures 4.25" high and 11.5" in circumference.  The expressive face was sculpted by Helen Fox Trowbridge in 1911, using her own son as a model.  The brown hair, brown eyebrows, detailed blue eyes, bowed red mouth and pink cheeks are hand-painted.  The doll is marked EIH copyright 1911 on the back of the neck.  This Horsman EIH 1911 Boy Doll Head is in good condition with some cracked or missing paint at the top of the ears, at the base of the neck and partially along the seam line.  The face is in perfect condition.