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  • 1845 Prints from Hansard and Bowman's The Book of Archery

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    These ten delicate etchings are from the 1845 edition of George Agar Hansard and Gwent Bowman's The Book of Archery, published in London by Henry G. Bohn.  The prints show men from a variety of civilizations and time periods on horseback, in a chariot, or on the ground.  Some are actively shooting, while others pose in costume with their bows and arrows or crossbows.  The target is not only man, but a dragon and a lion.  The images include: Persian Archery; Chinese and Tartar; Grecian and Persepolitan; Early Egyptian Archers (2 pages); Macedonian and Parthian; English and Swiss;  French and English; Saxon and Norman; and African Archers.  Each page measures 8.75" high by 5.25" wide and has been printed with black ink on thick good quality cotton printing paper.  There are either two or three etchings per page.  In fair to good condition, due to staining.  (See photographs.)  Ideal for collage or other art projects.