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  • Ten Silver Toned Good Luck Charms

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    These ten silver toned good luck charms were purchased as a group at a Santa Fe, New Mexico estate sale.   Given their size and style, it is believed that these charms have the same manufacturer who sold them as a group.  The well-crafted charms include: an arrow-pierced, striated, open-centered heart; a horseshoe; a key; a hand with two fingers raised; an elephant with his trunk curled above his head; the number 7; a rabbit's foot; a four-leaf clover; a wishbone; and a dollar sign.  They range from 0.7" (18 mm) to 0.75 (19 mm) high, including the attached ring, and widths vary from 0.375" (10 mm) for the key to 0.8125" (21 mm) for the heart.  None of the charms are marked.  Type of metal, manufacturer, and age are unknown.  All ten silver toned good luck charms are in very good condition with no signs of wear or damage.