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  • 1950's Carved Floral Celluloid Bangle Bracelet

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    This 1950's celluloid bangle bracelet was carved in an ivory-colored celluloid plastic and covered with a high gloss finish.  The bracelet measures 1.25" wide, 2.5" on the inside diameter, and 3" on the outside diameter.  The floral design appears to be a combination of large chrysanthemums with swirling petals, two varieties of small daisy-like flowers, and serrated leaves with occasional irregular openings (see photographs).  The plastic has been artfully seamed where the smaller daisies meet.  The bracelet is unmarked but looks very similar to other bracelets which have been identified as being made in Japan.  In very good condition with no signs (inside or out) of surface wear.  There is a chip at the seam on the interior of the bracelet and several small imperfections (which can be seen with a magnifying glass), which may have been created at the time of carving.