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  • Large Composition Boy Doll Head

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    This vintage Large Composition Boy Doll Head measures 6" high and 11" in circumference.  He has two-tone blue sleep eyes with attached hair upper lashes, painted eyebrows and lower eyelashes, and a painted smiling red mouth which is open to show four upper teeth.  His blonde hair is molded in soft waves around his face.  His shoulder plate (3" long by 3" tapering to 2.5" wide) is unmarked and the manufacturer is unknown.  This Large Composition Boy Doll Head is in better than good condition with a 2" area of cracked and missing paint on the top of the head.  The weighted eye mechanism works but is stiff. He may have had a wig at one time as there is some remaining glue on the right side of the hair.  Ideal for assemblage or other art projects.