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  • 2 Vintage Catholic Medals of Christ

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    Each of these two vintage Catholic medals are of Christ, showing him as an infant, a man, and on the Cross.  The round goldtone medal, measuring 0.5625" in diameter, has a haloed Christ in profile with the Sacred Heart (on front) and Mary and the baby Jesus in a ring of stars (on back).  The background has been removed which emphasizes the central figure(s).  The silver-toned medal, measuring 1.25" high (including loop) by 0.625" wide (at the ring), has an arched Christ on a Celtic cross, that is a cross with four open areas, a decorative ring with emanating rays, and a knotted Celtic design on the sides.  (This cross is also known as Iona Cross, St. Luke's Cross, St. John's Cross, Halo Cross, and Sun Cross.)  Below the front of the cross is written: "He that believeth in me hath everlasting life."  The back has The Apostles' Creed.  Neither medal is marked.  Manufacturer, type of metal, and age are unknown.  Both medals have areas of surface wear, suggesting that they may have been held or rubbed during prayers.