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  • East Indian Silver Coil Work Cabochon Appliques

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    This item consists of four East Indian Silver Coil Work Cabochon Appliques.  Each applique has a circular silver thread metallic design with gold accents and a faux pearl center.  There is a pair, measuring 1.125" (28mm) in diameter and 0.625" (16mm) high, with an outside border in red beads with gold trim.  There is one applique, measuring 1.1875" (30mm) in diameter and 0.375" (10mm) high, with 6 gold veins and gold borders around the pearl and the outside edge.  The fourth applique, measuring 1.25" (32mm) in diameter and 0.5625" (14mm) high, has a similar design to the third but its outside border has a double row of gold coil work.  Each is backed in white cloth and has purple markings (two reading "India").  Manufacturer(s) and age(s) are unknown.  All of the East Indian Silver Coil Work Cabochon Appliques are in very good condition (never used) with only one of the pair having slight surface wear on the faux pearl.