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  • Bronze Ganesha with Skulls

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    This bronze Ganesha with skulls is a beautifully detailed sculpture of the Hindu elephant-headed god.  Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the patron of the arts and sciences, the deva of intellect and wisdom, and the Lord of Beginnings and Good Fortune.  This is one of the common seated depictions of him with a large belly and four arms.  He holds his broken tusk in his lower right hand and a delicacy in his lower left hand.  It is difficult to make out what he is holding in his upper hands, but it may be a shell and a tablet.  A serpent (Vasuki), whose head can be seen above his left shoulder, wraps around his body and crosses its own body in the middle of Ganesha's back.  A line of 15 human skulls ring the base of the sculpture.  The piece measures 2.0625" high by 1.5" wide (at the base) by 1.375" wide (at the center).  A green felt pad has been glued to the base.  He is unmarked.  Maker and age are unknown.  This bronze Ganesha with skulls is in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.