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  • Art Nouveau Pyrography Box (Woman and Grapes)

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    The lid of this Art Nouveau pyropgraphy box has a woman of the era in profile wearing a fancy headdress and looking towards a large cluster of a grapes.  There are grape leaves and tendrils along three sides.  The box measures 2.75" high by 6.25" wide by 5.75" deep.  The wood is soft and lightweight and has been varnished.  The decorations have a naive quality to them and are not deeply embossed.  There are the original brass hinges and latch, although the tongue of the latch is missing.  The interior is missing its silk inserts.  There is edge wear.  It appears that the front of the lid was broken off and glued, leaving the top warped.  Ideal box for an assemblage or other art project.