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  • Mixed Bisque Doll Arms and Legs

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    This item consists of 19 bisque doll arms and legs from a number of different dolls of varying sizes and skin tones.  There are: one set of pale pink baby legs (2.25" long with a slight curve); two left arms (1.25" long in an L-shape and 2.75" fully extended); a pair of 3" primitive half arms (white with pale pink glaze); one right pale pink baby leg (about 2.5" long with slight curve); two left pale pink baby legs (each 2.25" long with slight curve); a set of pale pink arms (1.25" long with out turned hands) and legs (2" long), both with painted nails; a pair of primitive deep flesh tone arms (1.75" long); and two pairs of deep brown arms (1.25" long with cupped hands).  It is believed that all of these parts have been manufactured in the last 30 years.  In very good condition; many never used.