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  • Art Deco Octagonal Metal Buckle with Openwork Design

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    This 2.5" wide by 1.875" wide buckle has the classic geometric elements found in Art Deco design.  Its overall shape is octagonal with a connected double border in a netted pattern.  Eight openwork areas hold two diamonds and six triangles, each with rows of small dots inside and two larger dots in each corner.  When seen from the side, the buckle surface is not flat but slightly arched at top, bottom, and each side.  It is not known whether this is part of the original design.  The back bar (with two holes for attachment) also has a rippled surface.  The buckle appears to be made of copper (or copper alloy, as the metal is not very malleable) with a gold wash.  There is some light greening in recessed areas.  There are no markings.  Maker and exact age are unknown.