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1850's-1860's Ambrotype with Decorative Gold Mat and Frame

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This is a monochrome (or untinted) ambrotype of a young woman, produced during the 1850's-1860's.  (An ambrotype is a unique positive photograph on glass using a variation of the wet plate collodion process.  It replaced the daguerreotype and was itself replaced by the tintype in the 1860's.)  This photograph measures 2.5" high by 2" wide by 0.1875" deep and has considerable wear to the black paint on back.  (This could be repainted which would improve the visibility of the portrait.)  There are also some scratches in the emulsion across the face.  At one time, this ambrotype would have had protective case.  The photograph is surrounded by its original decorative gold mat and frame.  The mat has beautifully detailed curves with dental edging and is marked "Cooke & Emerson's Patent Applied For" and "Providence, R.I.  No. 42" on either side.  The thin frame, whose gold has tarnished, has a molded leaf design and is unmarked.  Ideal for art projects.