Uncanny Artist Ephemera and Objects for Artists and Collectors
  • Antique Advertising Cards (Chocolat Guerin-Boutron)


    This item consists of two French late 19th century lithographed advertising cards promoting "Chocolat Guerin-Boutron."  The top card shows two boys with the fried potato merchant, a young woman in a frilled blue and white outfit, who is working at a kettle under a pink awning.  One boy is handing her the money, while the other is crying presumably because he has no money. The card reads: "Marchande de Pommes de Terre Frites" (Fried Potato Merchant).  The bottom card shows two young girls watching a puppet show which is being performed by a young boy on a classic 19th century puppet stage.  They are in a room with wooden floors, gold walls, and potted flowers.   The card reads: "Plaisirs du Jeudi" (Thursday's Pleasures).  Both cards measure 4.375" high by 2.5625" wide and were printed by "Minot et Cie, 5 Rue Bernager, Paris" on thin off-white card stock.  They have the same text on back.  Both are in very good condition with faint stains on back.