Uncanny Artist Ephemera and Objects for Artists and Collectors
  • 1914 Encyclopedia Maps (in Spanish) (Set E)


    This item consists of four maps taken from the 1914 edition of Diccionario Enciclopedico Hispano-Americano de Literatura, Ciencia, Artes, Etc., edited by Montaner y Simon.  These maps include: Distribucion de Las Religiones en la Tierra (Distribution of the Religions on the Earth);  America del Sur (South America); America del Norte (North America); and Plano de Florencia (Street Map of Florence, Italy).  The map of religions measures 8.75" by 6.875" and is colored in brown, pink, yellow, salmon and pale blue.  The maps of South and North Americas measure 9.625" by 7" and are colored in pastels of pink, yellow, green, and orange.  The map of Florence measures 9" by 6.875", is colored in two shades of pink with Arno in blue, and has a listing of street names and locations.  All text is in Spanish.  In very good condition with 0.25" trimmed borders.