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  • 1910 Prints (Art Nouveau Women by G. Learned)

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    This item consists of two c.1910 prints of Art Nouveau women, as illustrated by Arthur Garfield Learned.  Learned (1872-1959) was a portrait painter and illustrator active in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  One of these prints shows the faces of three beautiful women, enveloped in their hair which cascades down into a single tress.  The other shows a beautiful young woman in profile with a lock of hair blowing out in front of her face.  The first is signed "G. Learned" in script (within the hair) and the other "A.G. Learned" in block print (across the clothing).  Each print measures 9" high by 7" wide and is a finely detailed black and white photograph on cream colored heavy stock paper.  Both are in very good condition.