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1879 Print from W.F. Kirby's Natural History (Frogs and Toads)

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This 1879 double page color print of Amphibia (Frogs and Toads) is from W.F. Kirby's Natural History of Reptiles, Fishes, Amphibias, Insects, Worms, Mollusca, Zoophytes, & C. for the Use of Young People, which was published in London by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.  The print shows a Common Toad, a Natterjack Toad, a Surinam Toad, an Edible Frog, and a Green Tree-Frog in a watery and foliated landscape.  In the water can be seen the various stages in amphibian development.  The print measures 15.625" wide by 12.75" high and has been printed in a palette of greens, browns, and yellow (with touches of blue and pale orange) on fragile paper with a high acid content.  The engraving is in good condition, having retained its original colors and sharp lines.  The border, however, has discolored and has edge tears, as well as 1" tears at the top and bottom of the slightly yellowed center fold line.  Ideal for framing.