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  • 1841 Prints from Hansard's The Book of Archery

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    These eight black and white engravings came from an 1841 edition of George Agar Hansard's The Book of Archery, published by Henry G. Bohn of London.  Each finely engraved image measures 4" high by 3" wide and is marked "F. P. Stephanoff" below the left hand corner of the print.  The paper seems to have some rag content and is off-white in color.  The prints include: "Persian Archers," "The Death of William Rufus," "Callum Dhu," "Death of Robin Hood," "Bon of Peace and War," "Oriental Female Archers," "The Tartar Maid," and "Queen Elizabeth in Woodstock Park."  All of the prints are in good condition.  Some have minor staining and/or small edge tears but these do not affect the image and could be trimmed off.  Ideal for framing or artwork.